Friday, February 8, 2008


Its been brought to my attention that my postings have been lacking (sigh). The whole no news is good news thing? That, and a bit of not knowing where I want this blog to head......

You see my buddy is HOME! He is back in his own house with his wife and family and I couldnt be happier~though it came with a cost. That cost happened December 20 of last year when a suicide bomber wounded him badly enough to be sent back state side for grafts and recooperation. Not everyone in the blast was that lucky- they didnt all make it.

So as my blog regarding waiting on my buddy's safe return to the States comes to an end- or ending of sorts I am left to wonder where to begin anew.

I guess I'll just post and talk and see where it all leads us-

And continue to pray for the rest -

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